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Automatic Writing: What Is It and How Does It Work?

Updated: Mar 28

Automatic writing is a practice of divination that has been used for centuries to gain insight and access to the subconscious mind. It is similar to free writing, but instead of the writer controlling the thoughts, a spiritual force is said to be guiding the words or a part of your own mind, that we don’t often use is giving advice. In other words, the writer believes they are writing messages that are being dictated to them by a higher power or untapped self-help, and they have no control over the words that appear on the page.

Words From The Spirit World.

Mediums often use automatic writing to connect with spiritual forces and gain insight into their own lives or the lives of others. The process is similar to that of the average person, in that a comfortable, quiet setting is ideal, and the writer is encouraged to take deep breaths and relax before beginning. However, the primary difference is that the medium will go in to a trance like state and expects to receive messages from a spiritual source, rather than from their own subconscious.


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