My Psychic Life – Channel 4 – 4th Nov 2015

Weds 4th Nov 2015 Channel 4 .
After months and months of filming for channel 4 and Lime Pictures. We are pleased to say the show has been named and the date has been set
so set your reminders to record for Weds 4th November at 10pm
MY PSYCHIC LIFE will be aired


Its reported that one in three British people have visited a clairvoyant or medium. For believers it offers solace, but others insist that it’s all just a load of hocus pocus.

This observational documentary follows psychic mediums in the north of England who open the door to their private lives to reveal what life is like for people who claim they can talk to the dead. Whether it’s in business, romance or just a trip to the shops, this observational documentary reveals whether having a supposed direct line to the spirit world makes life any easier, or just more complicated.