Prank or poltergeist? CCTV footage from Deerpark CBS, the oldest (and most haunted!!!!?) school on the south side of Cork City.

Dean James Fox has reviewed this video, and will tell you if he thinks its REAL or FAKE!

DJF’s Findings

After watching this video, I had to ask myself a few things,

One: Why are the lockers over a doorway or a window? This makes it very easy to be moved from behind.

Two: The height of the camera height?  Look at the top right, you can see what looks more like an actual camera height that points at this area,  They would not have mounted security cameras at a height lower than a door frame where it could be tampered with.

Three: The sign appears to have been yanked by a leg with fishing line this is very easy to edit out,

Four: Why this looker door?  why is this the only locker that has books in it and not locked? making me think it could be staged


This video is FAKE,


9 Ways to Recognize and Identify Past Life Lovers, Friends, & Enemies

9 ways

Sometimes we meet people and have an instant connection, A feeling that we have met before, drawn together like magnets, well maybe just maybe you have,

Important people in our life are very likely to have been people you may have met before. How can you tell? Firstly let’s stop and consider if it’s possible. Once you realize there is a link of “Interactions with others”,  you’ll see it everywhere: former lovers, friends, enemies, family members and even pets, yes I did say pets.


Sometimes our own mind plays tricks with us and see links that really could never be, But some connections, the valid ones, ultimately prove themselves time and time again,

Here are 9 ways to identify the “Interactions with others” that have drawn you back into each other’s lives, for better or for worse

9 Ways to Recognize and Identify Past Life Lovers, Friends, & Enemies


1.Instant hate or dislike.

You hope to see good in everything they say, but something just bugs you and you can’t shake it off. You can never put your finger on it but the feeling just gets stronger and stronger or you may just have that deep nagging “instinct.” Which is another name for memory, in this case? Maybe they hurt you in a past life and this is your opportunity to deal with the pain, by giving them as much healing as possible,


2.Instant rapport.

You start talking and you can’t stop, but for all you understand each other, the other person gets it and gets you. You fall into conversation like you have known each other for year, picking up a back and forth exchange you left off,

If the conversation is a balanced give-and-take, with shared goals and mutual respect, count yourselves fortunate, and hold on to this relationship.


3.Nervous Butterflies.

Your stomach is in knots and almost flutters when you’re around this person. This might even be a love-relationship in the present, but an underlying stress won’t allow you to relax.

You always feel on edge, you try too hard to please, you might be “happy” in the externals, but those butterflies linger.



This person has always been part of your life (or family member). Take a closer look at them. How much in common do you have? Or is it you are forever life companions


5.Shared tastes.

Do you have a joint interest or passion? Where do your lines of compatibility cross? Do you both love the same things, food, or culture? Take interest in similar sport, art, hobby, and pastime?  Ask yourself, who invited who to the interest or passions, or were they always there.


6.interest or passions, or were they always there.Inappropriate sexual attraction.

We very often trade roles in past lives. You may have been a man but returned as a woman or woman and came back as a man, this is in order to learn and grow.

You may find yourself very tactile with someone as soon as you meet them, or just want a one night stand with a stranger, This could be “ the perfect meeting” or is it just, you have met before in another time.



Your memory may not be at the conscious level, but you know Past-life events have had an impact on how you feel, if not recognized and resolved, often repeat. Circumstances may change slightly, but the end result stays the same.

If your gut tells you to run, do it, even if your fear seems wildly unreasonable in the present lifetime.

You will never be compatible with this person.



You’re always giving more than you get in return. (I would say this is certainly a good thing now and then, but every time, all the time!  With the same person, shows something unseen is at work.) You feel you owe them, for no reason other than, you just want to please them, and no matter how hard you try, you fail,

Knowing that should help the balance slowly shift. It’s entirely up to you. Only you can forgive yourself and until you do, their feelings won’t change your deep guilt.



You might suddenly remember your past lives together. Especially if you’re aware and alert to the possibility. Trust your insights.

But remember this life is new, and you are not here to live the life you may have had before.


Final thought

When taking all the signs into account, I ask you not to try and change things too much, you are been show the people you once trusted or despised for a reason. Take time to understand the reason and this will help you move forward on your own path,

Do You See Dead People? Are You Psychic?

Do you see dead people? Are you psychic? by Lucy P.

Ever get the feeling that you are not alone, feel like you are being watched or see something out of the corner of your eye but when you turn around nothing is there? Ever get a message or symbol in your head and you have no idea where it has come from? It could be a message from a loved one trying to get your attention. There are several signs that the spirit world is trying to relay a message to you and here are some of them..



A New Design (1)1. DREAMS When you go into the land of nod the spirit world can try to connect as your conscious mind closes and you are more receptive to the other side. You may dream of a loved one who has passed or a place where you spent time together, this could be a message they are trying to give you.






smoke2. SENSES Did your loved one wear a specific perfume, do you sometimes smell this? This is a sign that they are close. Maybe you hear a high pitched noise or ringing in your ears? When sounds travel to us from the other side it can come through like this. Be open to your senses, be aware of different smells, touches, tastes, visions or sounds.






bulb3. ELECTRONICS Are your lights flickering, going on and off, the television switching channels, radio playing that song that you both loved just when you were thinking of them? Spirits are energy and they use their charge to let you know they are nearby.







feeling4. GUT FEELING We all have that gut feeling, a voice in our head saying that we should be doing something although we are not sure why. Spirits use this way to communicate, to guide us through difficult times. Always ask the question if you are unsure and wait for the answer to let you know what you need to do.






A New Design (5)5. GOOSEBUMPS, THAT CHILLY FEELING Despite being in a warm room you suddenly feel a cold chill. Goosebumps appear when you think about a loved one. This is them letting you know that they are with you.







drive6. COINCIDENCE? Have you been driving along and see a billboard or sign and it was just what you were thinking? This is you in line with the universe and confirmation that you are indeed on the right track and your spirit guides are helping you on the way.








There are many other signs from spirit, Watch this video for more signs from heavens


Share this post with your friends and see if they also see signs around them,

Follow your heart, as the spirit world leads with love.

Time Has Flown At DJF Land

Hi all, Wow the time has flown by here in DJF land, and what a month it has been, It’s been a chilly one but a busy one, full of meetings, Event planning and one to one readings with you amazing people, it still shocks me that people travel from far and wide to meet me and I love meeting you all, you make me feel blessed that I have chance to be able to spend a little time with you,

So what have I been planning?


Well, February will be an extra busy month as I start some really exciting projects,


The Psychic Duo Talk Show

It’s Radio Baby!

I start my new radio show on 5 towns radio with my new radio partner in crime, Kerry R, The show will be an interactive show that will be available over the air waves and online too, I’m little giddy about this show, as both myself and Kerry are a little nuts, We have called the show “The psychic Due Chat Show” but think we should have called it “The Crazy Mediums”, During the show you can interact with us and ask us questions on all things, Psychic, Medium or the paranormal. Don’t worry we will be playing some amazing music too, In the words of Kerry “step, steps, steps”, Don’t worry I will be limiting her from playing too much, The fun part of the show is that we are hoping to live stream on Facebook too just so you can watch Kerry dancing around the studio. Ok, I may be pulling some shapes too.

So what else will be happening in Feb?


Copy of Radio Talk Show FlyerTalk To Me! Chat With Me!

Every Wednesday at 8pm you will be able to join me live on my Facebook page for my new chat show, “The Psychic Chat Show” where I will be joined every week by experts on all things, mediumistic, psychic and paranormal, During the chat you will be able to join in and ask us questions, Over the month of Feb, we have angel experts, Own energy experts, and even another international medium, who may join me and give live readings from the spirit world.


Elland Ghost Hunt


This month is also my return to The Fleece in Elland for a Ghost Hunt with you lovely people, we still have a few tickets on sale for this amazing scary event,

The fleece was part of “The Most Haunted” tv show, with chairs been thrown off the balcony and lots of bumps in the night,

I have lots and lot and lots more going on at DJF land but I have to keep them a little hush at the moment, but I wouldn’t be able to do it without you,

Every day I get messages and gifts from you lovelies, and I just want to say thank you, I really love you all,